UX Veranda


Veranda on the river is an enogastronomic restaurant on the water. It is located in the historical center
of Kiev in Navodnitsky Park, directly on the waves of the Dnieper river. Designers worked on its exterior
and interior for months. The main symbol of the restaurant is a huge copper-golden letter "V". There are
three floors at Veranda on the river, each of which delivers its own, special mood to a guest.

Development process

We carefully learned the competitive environment and identified the key advantages for which the site could be more convenient, responsive and adaptive.
The design department took into account the shortcomings of the previous version of the site and created a coordinately new, more modern approach to development.
We did not follow simplification trends, thereby creating a unique design, inspired by the golden principles of typography.
The main emphasis was on the visual contact of the client with the site. Dynamic blocks are filled with photos that best convey the scale of the restaurant, its mood and atmosphere.
A strict geometry of forms is complemented by photographs of the interior, food and people.

We break Stereotypes And make Unique Face Of a brand