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InterContinental Hotel

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InterContinental Kyiv

is a Hotel with a worldwide reputation, in the heart of old Kiev, in the "ring" of the famous Orthodox churches - St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery and St. Andrew's Church.
InterContinental Kyiv - not just a hotel, but years built up a culture of tourism.
Luxury and uncompromising quality since 2009.

Working on the project

Working on the project, we outlined the main mission - to interest the foreign client, showing the strengths of the premium service.
Get pleasure from life - is a cross-cutting concept of the video. Inspiring the viewer, we convince him, that joy is learned in small things. "Start the day with a cup of morning coffee on the terrace, and finish it on the 11th floor of the lounge bar with a glass of prosecco. Our day consist from such little pleasant things, but in the end the whole life develops. We do not insist on living it like that, but we just recommend doing everything for your own pleasure.

Final Step

We created not just an ads, we created a mini-film. Experienced operator group, talented direction and technical support (Red Epic camera, DJI Inspire quadrocopter) reflected the sweetest moments and inspiring views of the hotel.

We break Stereotypes And make Unique Face Of a brand